Dylan Cortese

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Dylan Cortese grew up in Newtown and attended Newtown schools. He started to play the piano and sing when he was 5 years old and even at that young age he knew that his future would have music woven throughout his existence.  Classically trained, his early piano instructors could see his improvisational attraction to jazz so they guided and cultivated his direction towards jazz.  Some of his piano influences that you can recognize in his playing are from Red Garland, Chick Correa, Dave Brubeck and Lyle Mays.  Dylan has stated, “I am a musician that loves all types of music” which is why his fan base is so diverse.  On any given night when Dylan is on stage with his trio or in larger ensemble bands you might hear him perform a song from “Sting” and George Gershwin all in the same set.

Dylan is attending Western Connecticut State University majoring in music and his desire is to give back to his Newtown community to help teach others how important music is and share all that music has taught him.

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Listen to Dylan Rhodes Cortese perform Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen  https://youtu.be/AW4j6GNggn4