Grants & Scholarships

Grants & Scholarships

The Newtown Arts Festival was established in 2011 with two goals in mind:

1. To support and promote local arts and the community in a town-wide celebration.
2. To raise money for arts related college scholarships and provide grants for local artists and
arts organizations.

Currently in our tenth year, the number of scholarships has increased from two to four and we
award two grants, one to an individual artist and the other to a Newtown based group, club, or
arts organization that enriches the cultural life of the community.

Our grants have helped accomplish many things – a new hanging system for the Flagpole
Photographers and others to show their work at the Municipal Center Art Gallery, new stage
flooring for the Town Players Little Theatre, and two artisan showcases, one at the Newtown
Community Center and the other at the Municipal Center Art Gallery.
Public art projects include:
       -Virginia Zimmerman’s train mural on the Church Hill Road overpass
       -The Dog Park mural designed and painted by Lindsay Fuori
       -Paula Brinkman’s two-year beautification project at Fairfield Hills that resulted in The
       -Doors at Fairfield Hills and several painted windows on boarded up buildings. Three
       other artists collaborated on the Doors project -Dave Brooker, Julia Sikes Provey, and
       Kristine Humber.
Julia Sikes Provey’s will be painting an interactive mural at this year’s festival that will be
hung at the Community Center for everyone to enjoy.

Scholarship requirements:
1. Must be a graduating senior and Newtown resident
2. Plan to attend a two or four year college
3. Plan to major in an arts related field
Grant requirements for local individuals and Newtown based groups, clubs, and arts
organizations :
Bring art to the community (e.g., Friends of Seniors, Town Players)
1. Have a plan to share their project with the community
2. Can complete their project within one year from the date they receive the award.
From the Newtown Arts Festival to our scholarships and grants, the intent has been to create
greater awareness and accessibility to the arts in our community.